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Romance Fraud ...!!

You’ve got to know someone on the internet and exchanged emails, text messages and phone calls

The person you’ve developed a relationship with is very attractive in the photos they’ve sent you

They seem to be very interested in you and have asked lots of questions about you

Very early on in the relationship they started calling you by a pet name or such as ‘darling’

They prefer to contact you privately through instant messaging and text messages rather than through the dating website or chat room where you met

They don’t give answers or are vague about where they live and work

They’ve mentioned that they need money

Break all contact with fraudsters immediately

Don’t send any money

Report the fraudster to staff at the dating website or chat room where you met

Don’t give private or intimate details to someone you’ve never met

Never send money or give credit card or bank account details to anyone

When communicating with people online speak to people who are local and not from overseas of course you need to be aware that some fraudsters may tell you that they are in the same country as you when they’re not

Never agree to someone’s request when they want to continue communication by email after

You’ve just met them on a dating website or online chat room