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Telangana State Police

Cyber Crime Cell

Identity Theft ...!!

Eaves dropping on public transactions to obtain personal data (shoulder surfing)

Stealing personal information in computer databases (Trojan horses, hacking)

Advertising bogus job offers (either full-time or work from home based) to which the victims will reply with their full name, address, curriculum vitae, telephone numbers, and banking details

Infiltration of organizations that store large amounts of personal information

Impersonating a trusted organization in an electronic communication (phishing)

Obtaining castings of fingers for falsifying fingerprint identification

Apply for a credit card in your name ;

Open a bank or building society account in your name ;

Apply for other financial services in your name ;

Run up debts (e.g. use your credit/debit card details to make purchase) or obtain a loan in your name ;

Apply for any benefits in your name (e.g. housing benefit, new tax credits, pensions, health benefits etc)

Apply for a driving license in your name ;

Register a vehicle in your name and use it for crime ;

Apply for a passport in your name ; or

Apply for a mobile phone connection in your name.

The strongest protection against identity theft is not to identify at all - thereby ensuring that information cannot be reused to impersonate an individual elsewhere. Following are some tips ;

Never disclose personal information to anyone you do not trust

Do not provide your information until and unless you are sure about the caller. If in case of doubt you call them using the bank phone number

Remember that banks always ask for specific characters like last 4 digits of your card

Ensure that your personal documents are always secure. Your personal documents include your bank account details, credit cards, driving license, card receipts, financial statements and even utility bills

Periodically peruse your bank statements to check for any transactions that have occurred without your knowledge

Dispose of financial statements, card receipts and other personal documents with utmost care. Tear or cut into pieces any such documents before trashing them

Keep the authorities informed if you have lost any personal item. For example, report a stolen credit card

Raise an alarm if you receive a telephone call or letter saying you have been approved or denied credit for accounts you know nothing about, or you receive a credit card statement for an account that you never opened

While paying by credit card, never let it out of your sight

Raise an alarm if the card is being swiped more than required, or if it is being scanned

In case of a change in address, ensure to notify the correct address to all recipients who send you statements to your address

Always sign up for SMS/Email alerts while taking a Credit Card and on Online Banking transactions

Always Erase CVV code from the backside of your Credit Card

Be Careful while using your personal details like your ID, your Credit Card number etc in Online Shopping, the computer you may be using has SPYWARE or Online shopping site you using may be not secure

Never save any personal information in your computer or laptop or under your desk or in C.D’s or in Flash Drives

Don't carry personal information such as pin numbers with you. Just remember them or store them in a secured way

Make sure your letterbox is secured