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Computer Security ...!!

What is Computer Security ?

Securing your Computer, Network with a strong password and regularly scan computers for backdoors, keyloggers, Root Kits etc., Monitoring network for un authorized access to your network or your system.

Safety tips to protect your Computer

Following are some safety tips to protect you from Key loggers, Trojans, and spy ware :

As a common practice do not open suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam emails). Delete them from your Inbox

Even if you do open a spam email, under any circumstances do not click on any links, or open/download any files attached to them

Make sure that you have very good anti-virus software installed on your computer that not only protects your computer from viruses but also from unwanted programs. And make sure you update any latest versions to that software

Make sure that you have automatic updates / firewall turned on and regularly download the security patches if you are a windows user

Be very wary when you access websites that provide free downloads (such as music, serial keys, adult content, games, movies etc). They may install harmful programs without your knowledge

Do not use software on your computer that auto-completes online forms. This can give internet scammers easy access to your personal and credit card details

While downloading files from the internet make sure it is from a known or reputed source. If the file is an executable application (for example, if the file name ends with “.exe”), make sure you know exactly what it will do

If a pop-up screen appears on your screen and prompts you for an action (for example if it asks you to ‘Agree’ or ‘Accept’ something), then be sure to read the text in the pop-up screen and any terms and conditions carefully and only when you are sure of the safety should you take an action