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Telangana State Police

V.C. Sajjanar, IPS

Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad

On behalf of Cyberabad Police, I welcome you to our official website. I hope the information provided within this site will be a valuable resource to citizens. We are dedicated to serve our people and make Cyberabad Police Commissionerate area a safer place to dwell, work, visit, transit or conduct business.

"Your Safety, Our Concern" is something we feel from the bottom of our hearts and which we will try to fulfil in the execution of our duties.

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    సైబరాబాద్ లో ఉద్యాగాల పేరుతో భారీ మోసం

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    ప్రియురాలి సాయంతో చెడ్డీ గ్యాంగ్ ఆటకట్టించిన సైబరాబాద్ పోలీసులు

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    Cyberabad Police Busted Irani Gang

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    క్యూనెట్ వైట్ కలర్ మోసగాళ్ళను, కటకాల్లోకి నెడుతున సైబరాబాద్ పోలీసులు

    దేశ వ్యాప్తంగా రూ.20వేల కోట్ల మోసం...|Face to Face with Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar & Qnet Victims

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    Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar about QNet Frauds

    QNet scam at Nizampet

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    QNET Multi Level Marketing Scam

    Cyberabad Police Busts Multi-level Marketing Money Circulation Racket

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